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About GamePlan Gear    

For 6 years, we have been developing some very innovative and reliable systems possible for transporting your outdoor gear. At Gameplan Gear, we want to continue to bring the latest in 'forward-thinking' gear into the field.

As far as our design and development goes, we base everything on function and really could care less how something looks on the store shelf. You will find rugged, military sewing details such as our signature 'cross-n-box' stitching, bar-tacks, and tiny details built into every GPG item. This attention to detail will help our products to last you from season after season.

Our primary focus has been mid-west hunting, but as the company continues to grow, we are taking our hunting and fishing trips to new and different places. To follow the 'dance with the one that brought you' philosophy... we focus on what we build through our experiences. Basically, if you happen to spend most of your outdoor time either 20 feet high or even crawling on your belly, then we are your brand. We simply choose to focus our gear on the places we are hunting - and more importantly - on the game that we are chasing.

We are very proud to have a loyal following of people who are adding pieces to their personal GPG gear arsenal each season. You can also recognize a very unique 'systemized-aspect' to our product line. We literally base each new design for our new products on how well it will work with our other existing gear. For example, Our 'systems-approach' to our line of products assures you that a new GPG product will have complete compatibility with other GPG products. Constant evolvement is another source of pride for each of our products. We continually look for the latest advancements in manufacturing processes, fabrics, and hardware.

Our customers often will ask, 'Is this your 2010 model…or is it the 2011?' We love the fact that people are starting to recognize that each year's product from GPG will show some form of improvement over the version before it. Your concerns, or hopefully your success…are both something that we take extremely seriously at GamePlan Gear. We will always keep you moving forward with our advancements and progress.

Once you are 'enlisted' with GamePlan Gear, we want you to come back to us! Every successful hunt begins with a GamePlan.


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